Discover Map Reading and Navigation in a Day

Course Overview 

From map symbols to compass bearings.  This is the perfect course for anyone with little or no map reading or navigation experience. You’ll develop the skills to give you the confidence to map read and navigate for yourself or lead others.  Competent navigation of our rural and remote areas is essential for a safe and enjoyable day out. 

We’ll start with map and compass basics before slowly introducing more advanced navigation techniques like pacing, timing and navigation strategies.

It’s a fun and informal way to learn. We’ll make mistakes, knowingly get ourselves lost and really develop those relocation techniques. 

What does this course cover?

  • Introduction to different maps, map scales, key symbols and features.
  • Planning and following a route using key features.
  • Introduction to the compass and its basic features including bearings.
  • How to correctly orientate the map to determine your location.
  • Translating what you see on the ground to what you see on the map and vice versa. (hills, rivers, walls, woods, roads, paths, buildings etc).
  • Navigation strategies.
  • How to estimate distances using pacing and timing.
  • Poor visibility navigation techniques.


Who is this course for? 

This Basic Map Reading and Navigation course is for anyone who is interested in exploring our countryside or upland areas.  No previous map reading or navigation experience is required. 

Are you an aspiring Mountaineer or Mountain Leader? Then this is the ideal introductory course for you.  

From £50 Per Person

We provide the following for the course:

  • Silva Expedition 4 Compass
  • OS Map of the course area
  • Waterproof map case
  • Navigation tools - GPS, altimeter 

Our courses run at the following locations:

  • Lake District - Keswick
  • Northumberland - Rothbury
  • Pentlands - Edinburgh

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