Mountain Environment

It's more than you think...

We’re passionate about the mountain environment. We believe that sharing our knowledge of the environment is the best way for you to develop that same passion.


Have you ever noticed the impact of a prevailing wind on the landscape, wondered why there’s a tarn on the top of a mountain instead of at the bottom or how that great big mountain got there in the first place? 

We’ll share our knowledge of everything we can see, hear and feel in the mountains and how it’s all linked together. 

A mountain range with rocks and technical ground

More than Mountains

Get your mountain fix...

We didn’t evolve over millions of years to be sedentary beings. We’re supposed to be out there in the depths of nature. 

The positive effects on our physical and mental well-being from spending time close to nature is no secret. 

We ‘feel’ different when we’re in the mountains and we want you to have that same sense of well-being. It’s so much more than just mountains!

Two walkers on winter snow covered mountains enjoying the view

 Spend More Time In The Wild 

Abbie Barnes overcomes her personal struggles with mental health by challenging herself to move outside of her comfort zone, and in doing so, hopes to encourage others to join her to face up to their own fears and grow to be the best versions of themselves. A film by Abbie Barnes. 

Courtesy of teamBMC

Charitable Donations

Mountain Rescue

We appreciate the vital role our Mountain Rescue Teams provide us.  They give us the peace of mind to head out into wild and remote places with the knowledge that Mountain Rescue teams are always ready to help.

We support the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team. Every time we run a skills course we will make a donation to NNPMRT.

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