Remote mountains with a walker learning navigation skills.

Mountain Skills

The mountains are a wild and wonderful place to explore. We’ll give you the skills you need to safely enjoy those big days out. You’ll be planning your own adventures and expeditions in wild and remote areas.

Take a look at our Mountain Skills courses below to find the one that suits you.

Mountain Skills Courses

Mountain Skills - 2 Days

Bespoke Mountain Skills - 1 Day

Mountain Skills Plus - 4 Days

A walker scrambling up a mountain holding a map and compass. Navigating in the mountains

 This two-day course will give you the skills you need to be safe and enjoy those big days out in the mountains. We’ll introduce you to the world of mountaineering and get you ready to take on your own mountain adventures.

Mountain Skills Plus - 4 Days

Bespoke Mountain Skills - 1 Day

Mountain Skills Plus - 4 Days

Walkers in the mountains practicing navigation skills and mountain skills

 We’ll cover the full syllabus of the Mountain Skills course and then put it all into practice on a 2 day mountain expedition.  We’ll be living out of our rucksacks for the whole expedition and wild camping up high.  

Bespoke Mountain Skills - 1 Day

Bespoke Mountain Skills - 1 Day

Bespoke Mountain Skills - 1 Day

Mountain ridge with a walker scrambling. Mountaineer navigating along a ridge.

You can tell us exactly what mountain skills you want to discover on your bespoke day. You can also extend a course by a day.

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Holly and Anna's Mountain Story 

Follow Holly and Anna as they explore the West Highlands of Scotland and find out why they love walking in the mountains. 

Courtesy of Mountain Training.

Professional Development

All of our Mountain Instructors are members of the Mountain Training Association.   We regularly  attend workshops to continue our own personal development.

Mountain Training Association is the support and development branch of Mountain Training, offering  a range of workshops for trainee and qualified leaders and coaches.

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Becoming 'The Wild One'

Join  Phoebe Smith as she explains her journey from a 'normal' woman (who  liked to sleep in a real bed with a mattress  and duvet) to an extreme  sleeping, wild camping adventurer. Hear about how she balances her  9-to-5 stressful, full-time job with her 5-to-9  adventure 

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